DIY timber bead air freshener for your car, make a stylish and natural car air freshener

Recently I hosted a car styling workshop at MINI Australia, looking at ways you can inject more of your personal style into your car. For a bit of fun and because you know I love my DIYs, I included a DIY timber bead air freshener component in the workshop. It was super popular and everyone loved these stylish car air fresheners so here’s the tutorial for all of you!

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Items you will need:

Mixed beads


1. Place your timber beads in a plastic bag and add 20 drops of essential oil in your preferred scent. Close the bag and shake well to cover the beads in oil. Allow to soak overnight.

2. Cut a 45cm piece of ribbon and fold it in half.

3. Tie a knot approximately 2cm from the bottom to create a loop like the image below. This will be the end of your car air freshener.

Finished timber bead air freshener

4. Feed the beads onto your ribbon (there should be two strands of ribbon feeding through each bead) mixing up the shape and size of your beads for interest.

5. Finish by tying a knot at the top and then your car air freshener is ready to hang from the mirror of your car.

Finish with a knot
DIY car timber bead air freshener


When the air freshener loses its scent, simply remove it from the mirror and add a few more drops of essential oils to your beads.

Silicone beads can be a little tricky to get on to your ribbon. I find using a small screw driver helps to feed the ribbon through.

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Top of DIY timber bead air freshener

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