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Creating a more eco-friendly home is key for many of us these days. So if you’re chasing eco-friendly tips and products for the home, you’ll find it all here with us on Style Curator.

Perhaps you’re looking for eco-friendly brands who produce ethical based products? We have everything from artists to wallpaper and share our fave products with you on the blog.

There’s eco-friendly home tours. We chat to architects, home owners and builders who are passionate about creating a more eco-friendly world in their practices.

For example, homes that use Biophilic design to give the internal spaces a greater connection to nature and the outdoors. Biophilic design means love of nature and by creating a connection to nature from within a home, it achieves numerous benefits to our health and wellbeing.

We cover brands that are all about sustainability. And share ideas on how to decorate your home sustainably with sustainable decorating tips.

If you want eco-friendly tips and products, we discuss them here on Style Curator. We have ideas on eco-friendly gifts with Christmas gift guides as well as for other special occasions.

There are eco-friendly cleaning tips. Low-tox cleaning and chemical free home cleaning. We share recipes, tips, advice and what really works when cleaning the home without chemicals.

Brands that sell eco-friendly tips and products are some of our faves so we share what are our tops tips for the home.

We chat all things essential oils and how to use these little powerhouses in and around the home. Plus 11 easy ways to reduce plastic around the home. How to start a veggie garden, how to start a compost bin at home plus so much more. Discover it all on Style Curator.

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