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Kitchen cabinets other than white

Kitchen cabinets other than white
Image via Naked Kitchens

When it comes to selecting finishes for your new home, it can be so easy to default to white, white… and white.

Today, we’re sharing kitchens we’ve curated from across the globe to inspire you to look beyond white for your next kitchen project.

Take some risks when creating a new space to reap the massive rewards — an individual space that reflects your personal style!

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While black can feel like an incredibly daring choice, it’s one of our absolute favourite colours for kitchen cabinets, which is why it kicks off this round up! Black is sophisticated and adds drama to a room, while also being an easy colour to live with (just be sure you select a black that doesn’t show fingerprints).

It’s also versatile, suiting many design style from period homes to contemporary, and pairs beautifully with a range of materials, including natural marble and concrete.

Gina’s had her black kitchen installed over 5 years ago and loves it just as much today — proving this isn’t a fleeting trend that will go away any time soon. Check out our round up of the best black kitchens for even more black kitchen inspo!

Black track light in kitchen dining portrait
Gina’s black kitchen, find more photos here
Black kitchen with full sized wine fridge
Guy Sebastian’s massive black kitchen, see more here
Concord Residence_kitchen
Sleek and contemporary lighting at Concord residence, see the full home tour

Warm grey

We looove this colour as an alternative to white — still neutral while adding incredible softness to a space.

It also works well with a broad range of colours so you still have flexibility to change your mind on flooring or wall colours later down the track. Also, if you’re worried about resale and potentially dividing buyers, this can be a safer option.

Country style kitchen with shaker cabinetry
Image via Magnolia
Breakfast bar Kitchen cabinets other than white
One of our all-time favourite rooms from The Block Glasshouse


From light ply to walnut, there’s a huge range of timber and timber veneer joinery on the market now. Timber is a great option as it brings in an earthy and natural material, helping to soften the hard materials of a kitchen while adding value to your home.

Something we love about timber is that fingerprints don’t show up (important if you have young children) but depending on the finish you select, you may need to take care when cleaning them (i.e. avoid harsh chemical cleaners).

Refugi Lieptgas via archilovers
Ply kitchen by Refugi Lieptgas via archilovers
Gooseneck tap in white and timber kitchen
Light timber veneer kitchen by Zephyr and Stone
Stone shelf in kitchen Kitchen cabinets other than white
Image via @jakearnold
Wooden accent kitchen_Coolbinia home
Walnut kitchen at The Glasshaus, take the full home tour


A colour for the brave. Green is a down-to-earth colour that can represent new beginnings, growth and renewal.

We’ve curated a few of our favourites, depending if you want to go intense (like that kitchen by Greg Natale with marble floor and splashback), more muted or moody.

Seahaven_grey kitchen Kitchen cabinets other than white
Muted green kitchen by Seahaven interiors, see more here
Kitchen by Greg Natale via Houzz
Kitchen by Greg Natale via Houzz
Brass Splashback Kitchen cabinets other than white
Image via Naked Kitchens
Studio McGee green kitchen
Image via Studio McGee


From young and fun light blue to sophisticated navy or a muted grey-blue, there’s a broad spectrum of blues you can use on your kitchen cabinets!

In our opinion, a navy kitchen is a staple. This colour has been popular in interiors since the Victorian period and although it dips in and out of being ‘on trend’, it’s always a popular colour that stands the test of time.

We love it so much that we used it in the kitchen at our Erskineville project, selecting ‘Kara Sea’ by British Paints, and you can see the full room tour here.

And if you love the idea of blue but want to dial down the intensity, just check out that gorgeous grey-blue kitchen below.

Light blue kitchen cabinets from Gut Gut via Houzz
Light blue kitchen cabinets from Gut Gut via Houzz
New kitchen Kitchen cabinets other than white
Blue is one of our favourite colours when looking for kitchen cabinets other than white. Our recent Erskineville kitchen, see all the photos here
Kitchen by Bradley Van Der Straeten via Houzz
Kitchen by Bradley Van Der Straeten via Houzz

These are just some of the colours we would consider using when designing a new kitchen but you can literally select any shade of the rainbow for your kitchen cabinets… it’s just a matter of finding a colour that works in your space. Has this round up of kitchen cabinets other than white inspired you to embrace a colour for your next kitchen? Tell us in the comments below!

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This article was first published in January 2015 and has been updated with new information and images.


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