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Latest kitchen design trends: Dos and don’ts of kitchen design

In the ever-evolving world of interior design, it can be overwhelming to decide on colour palettes, materials and design features. And this rings especially true in the most expensive room of the house — your kitchen. Whether you’re looking to revamp your kitchen or build new, it pays to explore the latest kitchen design trends to stay ahead of the curve and get the maximum lifespan out of your new kitchen!

From bold pops of colour to smart tech, let’s delve into the latest kitchen design trends. Keep on reading for our tips on how to create a kitchen that functions well, looks fabulous and has timeless appeal. We’re all about achieving spaces that tick the boxes of form and function, so you can spend more time whipping up your favourite dishes in style and less time glancing at your phone to order from a restaurant booking system.

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Mint kitchen with timber accents
Modern yet warm kitchen by Mint Kitchen Group

Don’t hide everything behind closed doors

Cookie-cutter kitchens where everything is hidden behind closed doors have had their time… the next wave of trending kitchens embrace open shelving, glass-fronted cabinets and feature bookshelves. Just take a look at how fabulous these design elements look in the kitchen above.

They’re an excellent way to visually break up your kitchen design, add character and provide plenty of kitchen styling opportunities! The trick is to use these sparingly so they can be a feature in your space — less is more.

Do embrace colour

While white kitchens will always be safe and timeless, real magic happens when you play with colour and texture. And right now, colour is having a BIG moment in kitchens.

Blue and green kitchens remain the most popular but new colours are also coming onto the scene, like that warm burnt orange colour Jacqueline used in one of her latest kitchen renovations below. See the full before and after kitchen transformation here.

Kitchen design trends include greater use of colour like this orange kitchen
We love how this pop of burnt orange joinery creates impact in an otherwise neutral kitchen | Take the full kitchen tour

Don’t neglect additional storage opportunities

In a kitchen, there’s no such thing as too much storage. Future you will thank you for taking extra time in the planning stage to consider where you can incorporate additional kitchen storage.

Clever kitchen storage ideas and space-saving inclusions:

  • shallow cupboards on the face of your kitchen island, ideal for glassware
  • slim pullout drawers, perfect for spices and oil near your cooktop
  • corner cupboard pull out shelves
  • appliance cupboards, custom made to perfectly fit your most used and loved appliances.

Check out this article where Darren Palmer shares more of his favourite kitchen inclusions.

Do embrace smart tech

Latest kitchen innovations are game changing! Save time and cook with ease by integrating tech into your kitchen design.

Some new smart kitchen ideas to consider:

  • voice-controlled appliances and tapware
  • refrigerators that reorder groceries
  • smart ovens that monitor food for perfect cooking
  • cooktops with integrated extraction to eliminate the need for a rangehood.
Corner storage shelf
Darren Palmer shares his favourite kitchen inclusions in this article

Don’t overlook your lighting

You know how we feel about lighting — it’s one of the most overlooked elements of interior design! Yet great lighting can transform your space, making it feel more luxe and ambient… and no one wants to be chopping veggies with shadows cast over them!

Decorative lights are having a real moment in kitchen design. As well as the ever-popular pendant light (or cluster of pendants) over the kitchen island, consider adding a wall light or two. These could be discreet lights to wash light on your walls or illuminate an artwork, or be decorative and like jewellery in your space.

Read these expert lighting tips to help you design a considered lighting plan for your kitchen.

Do think outside the box (or rectangle!) when it comes to your kitchen island

The curves trend isn’t going away any time soon and one way to embrace curves is with your kitchen island. You could do this in a subtle way by adding a soft curve to your stone benchtop… or go all-in with a pill-shaped kitchen island like that stunner from Willoughby II home tour.

Curved kitchen islands are one of the hottest kitchen design trends
Curved kitchen islands are one of the hottest kitchen design trends | Take the full Willoughby II home tour

Don’t forget to play with texture

We mentioned colour above but another way to add interest to your kitchen is with texture. Think different materials and finishes!

For example, using a handmade tile on your kitchen splashback will introduce an organic undulated surface. You could also use a convex or fluted profile on some of your kitchen joinery or around your kitchen island. Natural timber is another timeless material that will bring texture and warmth to your kitchen design.

Do consider sustainability

It’s never been easier to create a stylish and environmentally-friendly kitchen. From recycled materials to energy efficient appliances, there are many ways you can make smarter choices in your new kitchen.

Have you found any ideas to embrace from this round up of the latest kitchen design trends? Which one is your favourite and how will you make it your own? Tell us in the comments below!

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