10 instant updates to refresh your bedroom

Our bedroom should be our sanctuary — it is after all where most of us spend the majority of time in our homes — yet it’s often the room we pay least attention. Being out of sight from guests shouldn’t be reason to let our bedrooms become drab or uninspiring spaces.

Today we’re sharing 10 instant updates to refresh your bedroom. We’ve included no-cost, low-cost and medium-cost solutions so there are no excuses. Which of these tips will you make in your bedroom?

Refresh your bedroom
Louise de Miranda via Houzz

1. Declutter

Yes our friends, this dreaded task has made it as the number 1 update on the list because it’s free, requires no preplanning (aka that long weekend that just hasn’t come around yet) and the impact of decluttering your bedroom is huge.

Anything that isn’t beautiful or needed on a regular basis (we’re talking at least weekly) should be stored away. Take a look at your bedside table, on top of your dresser, or (worse yet) your floor and put away all that stuff that you just don’t need. Decluttering is also a great opportunity to simplify what you own — look at what you can donate, gift or throw away. We’ve got expert tips on how to declutter here.

2. Add greenery

Our styling guru Darren Palmer says to add life to every room of the home — that includes the bedroom. We recently posted our top 9 indoor plant ideas which could spark some new inspiration for how to add life and colour to your bedroom. And if you think you can’t keep indoor plants alive, we’ve got 20 of the hardest to kill plants here 😉

3. Lay a rug

Rugs almost have magical powers with the way they can create the sense of balance and zones in a space. A simple rug can dramatically change the feel of the room. Depending on your budget, you could add a larger rug that your bed rests on or a small area rug to the side of the bed for a more decorative look. You might like to check out stylist Julia Green’s tips on selecting the right rug.

Image via Armadillo & Co featuring Zinnia rug
Image via Armadillo & Co featuring Zinnia rug

4. Refresh your window treatments

Ready-to-hang window treatments are easy to install and can quickly turn your bedroom from drab to fab. If your budget is limited, we recommend going with a simple colour, texture and pattern — crisp white is refreshing and will work well with almost any style. If you need help deciding what type of window treatment to select, see our guide here.

5. Brighten your lighting

Good lighting will create a welcoming, more peaceful and possibly even romantic feeling in your bedroom. If all the lighting in your bedroom is from ceiling lights, look at adding at least one or two lamps on your bedside tables, desk or dresser. Lamps offer a softer and warmer light and let you adjust the amount of light in the room depending on your mood and needs. Heck, if you really want to go all out and it works in your room, you may want to consider hiring an electrician to hang pendant lights on one or both sides of your bed (note: we say only if it works in your room).

6. Invest in artwork

With all the artists we feature on SC, you’ve probably already worked out how much we love art! We believe a beautiful piece of art (whether an original piece, print or even photography) can make you feel happier. You may like to check out our most recent discovery, The Artwork Stylist for a fun collection of limited-edition photography and graphic artwork (and the bonus is they are sold as ready to hang pieces so no need to organise a framer!).

Image via The Artwork Stylist
Image via The Artwork Stylist

7. Add a lovely scent

All our senses determine how we feel about a space — meaning if something looks beautiful but doesn’t smell that way, we won’t feel that it’s a beautiful space. We suggest investing in a quality candle or oil diffuser to make sure your bedroom pleases your nose as well as your eyes 😉

There are so many incredible Australian candles available on the market now, including our all-time favourite TANDA. If you have carpet in your bedroom, it’s also worthwhile having it professionally cleaned to remove any odours.

8. Hang a mirror

Hanging a mirror or standing a large mirror against a wall will open up your bedroom space, making it feel larger and more luxurious. There are mirrors out there for every style of interior, from ultra-modern to eclectic or even a little bit Scandi.

9. Paint

Yep, we know, this is another of those tasks many of us would rather not touch but repainting your bedroom is one of the least expensive and relatively quick updates we can do to completely transform our bedroom. If you put your mind to it, you can repaint your bedroom in just one day… and one day of pain for long term gain doesn’t sound that bad, does it?

10. Work towards a theme

This isn’t about creating a matchy-matchy bedroom but rather a room that has a clear sense of style and personality. Knowing your style and reflecting this through your colour choices, furnishings, accessories and artwork will create a room that even you’ll be impressed with. You may find these tips to help you define your style or how to create a mood board helpful.

Have you got any more tips to refresh your bedroom? Share them in the comments below!


  1. Great tips, especially the points about lighting and scents. Haven’t done that in a while but I think you just inspired me to 🙂

    • Yay, love to hear that we have inspired you! So many bedrooms we see only have ceiling lights and you’ll be amazed what difference lamps can make. Have fun restyling! x


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