15 stunning bathrooms that don’t use white tiles

If you’re about to renovate or design a new bathroom, we want to inspire you to think beyond white tiles. White tiles are great — they’re neutral and crisp, and with the range of shapes and textures on the market today you can create real interest. But not everyone wants to use white tiles in the bathroom and serious magic can happen when you get a bit more adventurous and daring with your tile choices.

So today we’re sharing 15 stunning, contemporary, heart-eyes bathrooms that don’t use white tiles. From hotel-chic to dark and moody, warm and natural to contemporary-cool, we hope you find a bathroom you love to inspire your next project!

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1. Pink square handmade tiles

For those who want to be really bold, it doesn’t get more daring than using a pink tile on all your walls! We love the more earthy tones of this pink tile and the tonal variation between them, and how the grey floor tile and timber vanity ground the space.

Pink tiled bathroom in Byron Villa bathrooms that don't use white tiles
Starting our round up of bathrooms that don’t use white tiles is this fabulous pink bathroom by The Designory. Tour the Barefoot Bay Villa here

2. Sage green glazed subway tile

Also featuring a more organic handmade finish, this wall of sage green subway tiles creates instant impact. Green is the most grounding and rebalancing colour on the spectrum, the perfect choice for bathroom schemes. And it’s impossible to deny the effect of colour on our emotions when you step into this serene space.

Milu odourless toilet in bathroom
Architect: ViewThru, Interior Designer: Christina Prescott Design and Photographer: Simon Whitbread

3. Real terrazzo and Zellige tiles

Mmmmk, this bathroom is beyond fabulous! Combining real terrazzo floor and half height wall tiles with that stunning shower of Moroccan Zellige hand-chiselled tiles, this bathroom doesn’t hold back.

Terrazzo bathrooms that don't use white tiles
Image via We Are Scout

4. Curved wall of blue Kitkat tiles

Curves are having a big moment in interiors at the moment and we love how these clever architects designed a curved wall into this bathroom. Deep blue Kitkat mosaic tiles hug the wall perfectly to nail the look.

Bathrooms that don't use white tiles glue powder room
Gardiner Architects via Houzz

5. Terracotta brick tiles

Catherine of The Stables says she’s wanted to use terracotta tiles in a bathroom forever and finally got the chance! Can we just take a moment to appreciate this gorgeous, restrained palette.

Terracotta bathroom Bathrooms that don't use white tiles
Image via The Stables

6. If not white, then grey

Most of the bathrooms in this list are pretty out there — we are, after all, trying to push you outside your comfort zone — but if bold colours and patterns really aren’t your thing, perhaps grey is a comfortable alternative to white. You can find plenty of ‘warm’ tone grey tiles to create a serene bathroom.

7. Deep blue glazed subway tiles

Interior Designer Jane Ledger over in Perth has done it again with this dreamy bathroom. You can find all the photos over on her site… and we’re betting the vanity will make your heart skip a beat!

8. Marble and grey

Another restrained version of bathrooms that don’t use white tiles is this soft grey bathroom with a full wall of fish scale marble mosaic tiles. Marble is a timeless material but beware of using it in showers like this — being a porous material, it does require sealing and PH neutral cleaners.

Clam marble tile
Image by Caroma via Houzz

9. Deep green feature wall

Green is the most common colour in nature and represents balance. It is considered to have a refreshing and revitalising effect and we LOVE it as a feature colour in bathrooms.

Green tile wall Bathrooms that don't use white tiles
Bathroom by Bijoux Homes. See the full home tour or keep scrolling for more bathrooms that don’t use white tiles

10. Patterned feature tile

These 20×20 patterned tiles are typically seen on floors but using it as a feature behind the vanity is such a clever idea and tones down the impact.

11. Tonal bathroom

Channeling luxe day spa vibes. Understated but far from boring, this tonal bathroom gets a big tick from us!

Bathrooms that don't use white tiles grey bathroom with standalone bath
Design by _nectaar via reallivingmag

12. Horizontal stack Kitkat tiles

You saw Kitkat tiles used on that curved deep blue wall above and here’s how different they can look when you simply lay them a different way and opt for a lighter shade. You can find Kitkat tiles in flat colours or those with an antique edge (like the ones pictured below), in matte or glazed finish, and even in natural marble!

Bathrooms that don't use white tiles rey blue Bathrooms that don't use white tiles
Make Architects via Houzz

13. Square mosaic tile

Trust Carlene to come up with such a fabulous materials palette — combining square mosaic tiles in the shower, VJ panel walls and solid stone slab around the vanity. You can see the full home tour here.

Carlene and Michael - main bathroom Bathrooms that don't use white tiles
Home of Michael and Carlene. See the full home tour

14. Antique white and grey

Ok so technically this would be considered a white tile buuuut given its antique edging, it comes across more light grey. In any case, we’re sure we can all agree it’s fabulous and far from boring!

Bathrooms that don't use white tiles stacked marble tile
Julie Firkin Architects via Houzz

15. Terrazzo for days

Terrazzo is certainly gaining in popularity and we’re all for it! This bathroom uses a porcelain tile with a terrazzo pattern which is a way of getting that terrazzo look without the maintenance that can come with this material. Drop. Dead. Gorgeous.

We totally understand that the bathroom is an expensive area and you don’t want to lock in a choice that will date quickly.

While all-white tiles can feel ‘safe’, the truth is every bathroom will eventually date. Perhaps the size of tiles you chose, the finish or simply the way they are oriented will feel tired after time… no look is forever.

Many of the bathrooms above feature classic materials that can offer similar longevity but bring a bit more warmth and personality to your bathroom.

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What’s your favourite of these bathrooms that don’t use white tiles or have you found another example to share? Link to it in the comments below!

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This post was first published in January 2017 but has been updated with new information and images.

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  1. That tiled curved wall by Gardiner Architects is divine! I’m loving all the different ideas, that bench seat by Liebke Projects is different. I was thinking of putting a long freestanding wooden seat in our ensuite because the space is so long and narrow and I have a pet hate of not having anywhere but the floor to throw clothes! Good point about not being afraid to choose something that might date. That has been my biggest fear with building and I am still learning to let go… PS. We *finally* got our windows! There are some new pics on the blog 🙂

    • Hi Jane! Wow, so great to see your house taking shape!! Serious window envy going on here 🙂

      Can’t wait to see your selections for the bathrooms and kitchen. A bench seat sounds like a fab addition to your ensuite – you could also put a cluster of pot plants on one end of the bench for some added life and interest. Endless possibilities when it comes to bathroom designs so hopefully we’ve given you a few new ideas to consider x

  2. So much bathroom inspo, it’s hard to pick a favourite but I think it’s the one from Inarc. Nice to see how the other half live 😉


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