12 of the best-ever Kmart hacks for kids

Styling a room for your child is fun, but it can get expensive, which is why Kmart is such a popular shopping spot. You don’t need to spend a lot of money — all you need is imagination and elbow grease to create a gorgeous, personalised piece for your nursery, playroom or kids bedroom.

If, like many parents, you’re sleep-deprived and short on ideas, fear not! We’ve searched high and low to get you inspired with the best-ever Kmart hacks for kids.

1. Glam doll mansion

Check out this mega doll mansion Renee created for her two-year old. She joined two Kmart dollhouses together and jazzed up the included furniture, plus added some extra bits and pieces. Add some Kmart contact paper to act as wall paper and tiles, and voila! A doll mansion fit for a queen. The best part? It cost her about $150 all up.

Epic doll mansion Kmart hack
Epic doll mansion by @from.the.art

2. Personalised peg people

What’s a doll house without some adorable, personalised peg people to live in it? Rebekah’s hand painted peg people are so sweet, using soft pinks and grey, and delicate detailing to complete the look.

Hand painted peg people
Personalised peg people by Rebekah

3. Cloud hanger as personalised wall hanging

There’s nothing more special than a personalised gift for a bub, and we love Michelle’s gorgeous cloud and raindrop wall hanging created for a friend’s baby. You really can’t go past a cute pom pom or two!

Wall hanging
Wall hanging by @heelsandhardhats

4. Kitchen made over to grey and gold

There are a few Kmart kitchen hacks floating around at the moment but this dreamy grey and gold version created by Alicia is just divine. Not to mention her gorgeous styling!

Kmart kitchen by @hudson_and_harlow
Kmart kitchen by @hudson_and_harlow

5. Peg board turned play wall

We’re all for space saving, and Sarah has come up with a brilliant way to turn the Kmart peg board into a vertical play board! With all those gorgeous natural, tactile elements, this one not only keeps clutter off the floor, it looks beautiful too.

Vertical play wall by Sarah
Vertical play wall by @teepee_sarah

6. Hula hoop as dreamy bedroom canopy

Bedroom canopies are trending in nurseries, but the price tag can be off-putting! Clever Jemma picked up a super cheap hula hoop and some artificial flowers from her local Kmart, and combined the two, along with some netting to create this designer-look canopy for her daughter’s bedroom at a bargain price.

Bedroom canopy by Jemma
Bedroom canopy by Jemma

7. Round shelf as on-trend moon shelf

You may remember this one from our coolest Kmart hacks ever article, and we loved it so much we thought we’d include it again. Such a simple way to create beautiful shelves for your little one.

Download the PDF to make and style this moon shelf on the Bear and Sparrow blog here.

Best-ever Kmart hacks for kids
Moon shelf by Bear and Sparrow

8. Funky stamped floor rug

Jess made this unique rug by taking a faux cowhide, flipping it over and hand stamping it with acrylic paint, using potatoes and cardboard. This zigzag and dot print is a little bit tribal, a little eclectic and a lot cool!

Funky stamped rug by Jess
Funky stamped rug by @littlepeachhandmade

9. Circular photo frame as figurine display

Is there anything more painful than stepping on teeny tiny figurines? Ouch! Kathleen came up with a funky solution, repurposing a circular photo frame to host more than 70 teeny characters. The best part is she literally thought outside the box, by using lego tape around the edges! Genius.

Lego display by Kathleen
Lego display by Kathleen

10. T-Rex lamp

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. We love how Jessica and her partner improvised when they couldn’t find the perfect lamp for their son. They turned a bland white lamp into a super cute T-Rex lamp, using a black texta and a dinosaur design from his favourite t-shirt.

Hand-stencilled T-rex lamp
T-rex lamp by Jessica

11. Toned down pastel rainbow

It’s no secret that kid’s toys can be jarringly bright. By repainting this wooden rainbow in gorgeous soft pastels, Brooke created a soft, sweet rainbow just perfect for a nursery.

Pastel wooden rainbow
Pastel rainbow by Brooke

12. Custom cubby house

Last but not least, we couldn’t possibly leave out the gorgeous cubby house Gina recently created for her son Patrick. There are loads of examples of these on the web at the moment (it was definitely a popular Christmas present in 2017), but the fresh pastel blue, grey and white colour scheme really is divine.

Patrick cubby
Find the cubby article here

Have you spotted any other creative Kmart hacks for kids? Share a link to them in the comments below so we can take a look!



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