Construction Update 1: Pre-Demolition

The demolition date to knock down our ex-guvvie house is locked in — Monday 8 September 2014.

After more than a year of design, construction applications, costings and dealing with banks and waiting for approvals, we finally have the green light to knock our house down and start with the new build.

Since the Moving Day post a couple of weeks ago, the electricity and gas lines have been cut, insulation and asbestos have been removed, and construction fencing has been been put up around the property.

We have a semi-demolished house and there is no backing out of this project now!

Here are the photos of how the site looks pre-demolition! It’s pretty surreal driving up to our property with it looking so decrepit and picked apart but it’s also exciting because after such a long wait we’re finally getting started.

Stay tuned for the demolition update next week.

Laundry with asbestos removed
This was our laundry… all asbestos now removed
Excavator on site pre-demolition
Excavator at site ready to demolish
Eaves with asbestos have been removed
Eaves with asbestos have been removed
Roof tiles and eaves have been removed
Roof tiles and eaves have been removed



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