Construction Update 2: House Demolition


They came in like a wrecking baaaaalll…

All I could hear in my head as our house crumbled was Miley Cyrus’ ‘Wrecking Ball’ song.

In one morning our ex-guvvie house was brought down to rubble, by the end of the day half the debris was removed from site to be sorted and recycled.

The next morning the remaining debris was removed and by that afternoon, the site had been nicely levelled to resemble a football field.

I wanted to have a smash down party before the house was demolished. I imagined all my friends and family dressed in midriff white singlets wielding sledge hammers, destroying the place to the tune of ‘Wrecking Ball’…

As it turned out, we had quite a bit of asbestos in the house that needed to be safely removed (I show pictures and talk about this in the Pre-Demolition post).

Also, the demolition company we used has in their contract that they get dibs on salvaging materials from the house. They will recycle the doors, bricks, copper piping, insulation, wood beams and other materials that can be reused. It’s nice to know that it won’t all end up in landfill!

So there was no smash down party but there is a video that has highlights from the demolition (including some commentary from Bruno) — just imagine listening to Miley Cyrus while you watch it!


    • He he, it’s nice to have a home again 🙂 Gosh watching this video brings back memories. Our old house was literally falling down around us!


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