DIY decorative mini fire bowl

This DIY was inspired by a cool decorative fire bowl / fire pit I saw in a high-end design store… with a seriously high-end price tag!

I always like a challenge of finding an affordable DIY way of making designer items and after a bit of product hunting and experimentation, I’ve come up with my own DIY version.

This DIY decorative mini fire bowl is perfect for decorating outdoor tables, while adding warmth and a crackling ambience.

Watch this short video to see just how easy it is to make!

Items you will need:

  • Cement
  • Sand
  • Water
  • Large plastic bowl (as fire bowl mould)
  • Small stainless steel bowl (to set in concrete bowl and hold stones)
  • Black decorative stones
  • Fire gel
  • Matches
  • Bucket and stirrer (to mix cement)
  • Oil spray


1. Mix cement and sand following the directions on the packet until you have a ‘cake batter’ consistency.

2. Spray plastic bowl with oil to avoid sticking and pour in the wet cement, leaving at least 3cm from the top of the bowl.

3. Tap the bowl down hard several times to release air bubbles from the cement.

4. While the concrete is still wet, push your stainless steel bowl down into the centre and fill with your stones to keep it submerged while the concrete dries so the rim of the bowl is flush with the top of the cement.

5. Wipe away any excess cement and leave to dry for 72 hours. Do not touch the bowl at all during this time as any disturbance could create cracks.

6. Once the bowl is fully dry (it will become a lighter colour and hard), tip it upside down and release it from the mould.

7. Fill with your black stones and pour the fire gel over the top (do not overfill bowl) and light. Important: note the safety information below and be aware that this is a live open flame that needs to be treated with caution. The initial flame may appear clear so do not attempt to relight or add more gel, just wait until the orange flame sets in.

Safety information

This mini fire bowl has a live open flame so it is not suitable for indoor use, around children or pets, or in areas where there are low hanging objects.

Use caution when handling flammable products, never leave fire unattended and never burn materials in the fire bowl — it’s purely for decoration and outdoor ambience (although it does give off heat too).

If you take on this DIY, it’s important to do so in a safe and legal manner, following safety rules, and using good common sense. If you choose to make this DIY, you do so on the understanding you are responsible for any loss or harm that could arise.



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