DIY modern pot plants, 2 looks

Two pot plant looks at Haymes blog
Two pot plant looks at Haymes blog

Spring is finally here!

It’s time to dust off your gardening gloves and give your garden some TLC.

We’re excited to share our latest DIY with you via the Haymes Blog – How to Create a Modern Pot Plant: Two Looks!

Get designer-look pot plants minus the price tag with our quick and easy DIY modern pot plant tutorial, suitable for indoor and outdoor pot plants.

[ingredients title=”Items you will need”]

  • Pot plant
  • Haymes Ultra Cover (to seal your pot and avoid peeling paint)
  • White paint (we used Greyology)
  • A brightly coloured paint (we used Evan’s Delight)
  • A black or grey paint (we used Coal Mine)
  • Sugar soap
  • Sand paper
  • Paint brushes (large and small angle brushes)
  • Masking tape


Read the full story now at the Haymes blog!

Got any other ideas for a DIY you’d like us to show you? Suggest them to us in the comments below.

DIY Modern Pot Plant 2 Looks on Haymes Blog


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