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Style Curator’s top 10 vibrant contemporary artists: The most colourful artists we’ve featured

The latest trend forecast in design is a COLOUR! After years of neutral, earthy decor and furniture trending, we’re about to see a return of colour in a big way — and we’re here for it! One of our favourite ways to bring colour into the home is through artwork and at Style Curator, we’ve been lucky to interview some of the top contemporary artists, both locally and abroad.

To inspire you embrace colourful art, we’re sharing our top 10 vibrant contemporary artists to brighten up your home!

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1. Kelsie of Kelsie Rose Creative

A relative newcomer onto the art scene when we interviewed her, Kelsie’s bright and joyful art has proven hugely popular. In fact, Kelsie’s artwork has held top spot on our most pinned images on Pinterest for months!

Based in Orange, Kelsie’s bright abstract art is inspired by her walks through picturesque local streets, parks and gardens. Not only vibrant, her floral and landscape works are also incredibly textural thanks to her unique style of blending mediums.

Find our interview with Kelsie here

Kelsie Rose_artist _ vibrant contemporary artists
Image via Kelsie’s Instagram @kelsierose.creative
multicoloured artists
Kelsie Rose from Kelsie Rose Creative with a collection of artworks
Pink and purple hues of artwork from Kelsie Rose Creative

2. Claire of The New Devine

Claire has a knack for creating gorgeous, vibrant Australian artworks and it’s no wonder why! The granddaughter of celebrated French artists and potters, Claire was born in Toulouse, France and grew up in an art gallery space in Brisbane, Australia.

Her artworks are created with accessibility in mind — bright and bold colours are a common feature in Claire’s works. As the sole breadwinner of her family, Claire’s art has seen the family through a number of unfortunate health battles. Yet, her work remains an unbridled celebration of wild, harsh, surprising, and diverse Australia.

Find our interview with Claire here

Claire Devine image _ vibrant Australian artworks
orange floral artwork
vibrant Australian artworks
Australian prints

3. Ann Marie from AM Coolick

Located in Arlington, Virginia, we were delighted to interview this American artist. As a busy mum and outdoor lover, Ann Marie is inspired by nature and everything it has to offer. Her more minimalist pieces are inspired by playing with the paint itself.

Having just completed her installation on Broadway, Ann is well on her way to becoming an accomplished artist in America.

Find our interview with Ann Marie here

Ann Marie Coolick from AM Coolick art
Ann Marie Coolick | AM Coolick
Floral artwork by Ann Marie Coolick of AM Coolick
Gallery wall of colourful oil paintings by Ann Marie Coolick of AM Coolick
Fruit salad textural art by Ann Marie Coolick of AM Coolick

4. Jonathan Gemmell

Our interview with Jonathan Gemmel remains one of our reader’s top articles. Jonathan’s paintings are larger than life, colourful and truly joyful, perfect for bringing colour into the home!

After completing a landscaping apprenticeship (as an adult), Jonathan started incorporating designs of gardens into his art, which you can see in the circle patterns and lines. Truly a unique style, Jonathan’s colourful abstract artworks are some of our favourite.

Find our interview with Jonathan here

JonathanGemmell2022_ vibrant contemporary artists
Image via Jonathan’s Instagram @artbymejwg
vibrant artworks _ vibrant contemporary artists
vibrant multicoloured artworks _ vibrant contemporary artists

5. Amanda Dziedzic of Hot Haus glass studio

Of course, painting is not the only medium. We had a chat with incredible glass artist Amanda Dziedzic, co-founder of Hot Haus glass studio.

After quite literally building Hot Haus from the ground up, Amanda and her talented assistants create intricate, colourful glassware. Her works takes direct inspiration from nature, ensuring each piece is a colourful creation.

Find our interview with Amanda here

Amanda Dziedzic in studio
Glass blowing artist and designer, Amanda Dziedzic
Glass paperweights handblown by Amanda Dziedzic
Handblown vase by Amanda Dziedzic
Swirled green glass vase collection by Amanda Dziedzic

6. Anna Egberts

We refer to this Australian artist as a ray of sunshine simply because she is! Incredibly talented and sweet, Anna’s bright and colourful painting will surely bring a smile to your face.

A newcomer to the art scene, Anna’s distinct colour pop artwork features beautiful foliage, flowers, and other creations.

Find our interview with Anna here

AnnaEgberts_ vibrant contemporary artists
Anna Egberts_DancingTulips
floral vibrant contemporary artists
Anna Egberts_SplendidSpring_Range

7. Pi Williams

As a Bluethumb art prize finalist in not only 2020, but 2021 and 2022, Pi Williams is certainly making a name for herself. With bright and vibrant works full of texture, there’s so much to love about her works.

Pi found her passion as an outlet while experiencing postnatal depression, finding joy and peace through her work. She experiments with a variety of textiles including linen, leather, tulle and raffia. As such, every piece is completely unique.

Find our interview with Pi here

Tapestry artist Pi Williams
Tapestry artist Pi Williams
Blue and pink tapestry art by Pi Williams
Large scale tapestry art by Pi Williams
Coral tapestry art by Pi Williams

8. Carley Bourne

You can’t simply glance at Carley’s unique and colourful botanical abstracts. With layers upon layers, her abstracts are unlike anything else!

Based on the Sunshine Coast, Carley has an abundance of inspiration at her doorstep. Not one to stick to the same colour palettes, Carley likes to explore a variety of colour combinations in her vibrant contemporary art.

Find our interview with Carley here

CarleyBourne_painter_profile option
colourful vibrant contemporary artists
colourful botanical abstracts_CarleyBourne_PinkandPurpleAbstract

9. Chris De Hoog

This artist’s bold and colourful abstract paintings brings life to any space. Inspired by nature, memory and colour, Chris’ colour palettes are bold and bright.

Many of Chris’ best works are those that include layers upon layers of paint, so every piece is entirely unique. With a variety of goals in mind, we can’t wait to see where this contemporary Australian artist goes.

Find our interview with Chris here

Abstract artist Chris de Hoog
Artist Chris de Hoog
Favourite Spot abstract art by Chris de Hoog
Photography by Armelle Habib | Styling by Greenhouse Interiors
abstract landscape _ vibrant contemporary artists
Image via Chris De Hoog’s Instagram
abstract artwork _ vibrant contemporary artists
Image via Chris De Hoog’s Instagram

10. Kristen of Olive and the Boy

Rounding out our top 10 most vibrant contemporary artists is of course Olive and the Boy founder, Kristen Carter. Kristen’s graphic handwoven tapestries are incredibly fun and colourful, adding a fantastic pop of colour and texture to your walls.

From Australian birds to wacky commissions, Kristen does it all. Be sure to check out Olive and Boy next time you’re on Etsy.

Find our interview with Kristen here

Olive and the Boy_stay cool Kristen_graphic handwoven tapestries
wall art  _ vibrant contemporary artists
wall tapestries _ vibrant contemporary artists
vibrant tapestries _ vibrant contemporary artists

We hope you liked our roundup of vibrant contemporary artists. You can read more about them in their interviews. Do you have a favourite vibrant contemporary artist? Are you looking for an interview with a specific artist? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below!

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    1. Love these! I am now following Kellie Rose and Johnathon Gemmell but some of the others are fabulous too. Please check out my sister in law’s instagram rlc_art_21. Her art would look great in most homes too.
      She is a contemporary indigenous artist, very new and very good.


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