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If there’s one styling piece we cannot live without, it’s candles. They make the most beautiful styling props, as well as being features in their own right.

From ceramic vessels to glass jars, there’s an endless supply of beautiful candles out there and we’re obsessed with them all!

We love how you can find a candle based on your favourite scent or style of decor. They come in all different shapes and sizes too, to suit all budgets.

From ones handmade by small makers, to cheap and cheerful store bought buys, you’ll find our faves (and hopefully, yours too!) on Style Curator.

From spheres to bubble shapes, silhouettes to bendy pillars, there are so many fun and gorgeous candle shapes available!

Without a doubt shaped candles are a must-have home decor item. So let us take you through some of our favourite shapes and where to shop the best.

With the gorgeous range of candles on the market today, they offer a lot more than just soft lighting. Look for a candle in a vessel that can be a decor piece in its own right.

We love how their scent creates ambience in the home. And also how they can be decor pieces in their own right. As soon as the seasons change, one of our fave things to do in the home is switch out our candle scents.

Finding the perfect candle can be hit and miss. Some smell sickly, others don’t carry scent all the way through. And don’t even get us started on those that use a wick that’s too small for the candle size which creates that annoying well in the centre.

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