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We’ve seen various interpretations of the Scandinavian design style evolve over recent years. From warm and homely interiors to ultra-minimal black and white spaces. However, Scandinavian design style is all about pared-back style that’s centred around warmth.

Generally, the Scandinavian design style is defined by a crisp white base. It then incorporates natural elements such as wood, furs and indoor plants. Although moodier colour palettes, including the rise of black feature walls, are gaining popularity.

Similar to the minimialist style, there’s a focus on function and clutter-free spaces. But texture plays a more leading role in Scandinavian interiors.

You can’t go wrong with some iconic Scandinavian homewares. Such as the By Lassen Kubus candle holder. Marble décor and a gallery wall are also popular ways to decorate in the Scandi style. Large, statement lighting is always a winning idea too.

Scandi is one of the most popular design styles. A common theme when it comes to Scandi styling is simplicity. Strip your room back to basics to achieve a blank canvas that you can begin layering with furniture and décor.

If you really want to commit to the Scandinavian interior style, you won’t regret giving your walls a fresh coat of paint.

The best Scandi interiors mix up the textures of layers to create interest. Think cowhide rug, linen throw, knitted cushions, sheepskin and maybe even a velvet cushion or two. Black and white wall art is another staple of a Scandinavian interior.

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