White, grey and copper bedroom, get inspired

You’ve probably heard us say on more than one occasion that the bedroom is one of the most important rooms of the house to style beautifully — sure it’s out of sight from most guests but it’s your space to relax and unwind and that can be hard to do in a bedroom that’s uninspiring.

Many of our readers have emailed in this week to ask for bedroom inspiration and one reader specifically asked for inspiration to create a white, grey and copper bedroom which is a combo to die for!

Here are our tips to create a winning white, grey and copper bedroom!

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Copper pendant and blush grey bedding
Image via forrestgloverdesign.com

Tip 1: Work out your ratio

A ratio many interior designers use to create a balanced space is 60:30:10 where 60% of the space is predominantly 1 colour, 30% another colour and 10% an accent colour.

For this brief we would recommend either 60% white: 30% grey: 10% copper OR for a moodier look 60% grey: 30% white: 10% copper. And if you really want to go moody, you could even replace white with blush pink which is a perfect match with copper!

Copper is great as an accent but where we’ve seen it used as more than that — flashback to Chris and Jenna’ copper wall on The Block Glasshouse last year — it can detract from a space rather than enhance it.

White, grey and copper bedroom
Image via lizmarieblog.com

Tip 2: Paint

Now that you know the ratio of colour you want to use in your bedroom, it’s time to paint the walls for a fresh, crisp look.

If you’ve opted for predominately grey, you could paint all your walls in a warm medium grey (Smoky Silhouette by Haymes is one of our favourite colours) or if white is your 60% colour, find a crisp cool white that works well with grey and copper (Greyology 2 is our top pick). Check out these tips to select the perfect shade of white paint.

You could also paint a grey feature wall like this bedroom via thatnordicfeeling.com

Grey wall paint
Image via thatnordicfeeling.com

Tip 3: Bedding

We’ve suggested picking your bedding before accessories because your bed will be one of the largest areas in the room and immediately draw your eye.

Depending on the style of room you want to go for, your bedding will need to fit that brief. You might think I’m just going for a copper, white and grey bedroom but there are many takes on this look from the minimalist Scandinavian style to a more bohemian version pictured below.

Think about how you want to feel in your bedroom and then go shopping for the right quilt set.

Aztec bedding
Image via urbanoutfitters.com

Tip 4: Accessorise with copper

Above we said that copper works best as an accent colour and the easiest and most versatile way to introduce copper is through accessories.

A copper lamp, candle sticks, vase or tray are just some ideas to add a tasteful amount of bling to your bedroom.

Copper accessories
Image via lowehome.com
Copper lamp bedside table
Image via maikonagao

Tip 5: Layer texture

At times a colour scheme of white, grey and copper can come off feeling a little ‘cold’ so it’s important to balance the space with warm textures.

In many of the photos above you’ll spot natural timber (photo frames, side tables and shelf) or chunky wool knits — these natural textures soften the space and create a more inviting feeling.

Sheepskin throw, felt accessories, woven rug or upholstered bedhead are some other ideas to bring warmth to the space.

White bedroom with copper accent
Image via scandinavianlovesong.com

There you have our top 5 tips to create a white, grey and copper bedroom — do you have any other tips to add? Have you found the most amazing copper accessory you’d love to share? Comment below to tell us what you think!

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    • Hi Kylie, it looks a lot like ‘Grey impression’ from Haymes Paint but I couldn’t say for certain, sorry! I would suggest getting a little sample pot and testing the colour 🙂

    • Hi Abi

      Sorry for the late reply, just saw your comment now! If you’re still on the search for this table lamp, I suggest trying ‘Edison bulb copper table lamp’ or ‘Exposed bulb copper table lamp’ or ‘Industrial copper table lamp’. The closest we found was this one from Iconic Lights https://www.iconiclights.co.uk/catalogsearch/result/?q=talisman but your search results will show local hits so it should be easier to find. Hope this helps 🙂

  1. I was just wondering if you could tell me where i could purchase the end table in “WHITE, GREY AND COPPER BEDROOM, GET INSPIRED” in tip number 4?
    I have been searching everywhere for it! Thank you so much!


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