Home ADVICE How to pick artwork for your home: Expert tips to get it right

How to pick artwork for your home: Expert tips to get it right

How to pick artwork for your home: Expert tips to get it right
Kate Mayes art from Greenhouse Interiors

We absolutely adore art. It elevates a room, creates a focal point and is a true expression of your style and influence. But we also know it can be a big investment and one you want to make sure you get right! To help make it a little easier, we asked some experts in the know for their tips on how to pick artwork for your home.

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Catherine Heraghty — The Stables

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! I have always felt this way when it comes to artwork. What I like, my client might not like and vice versa,” says Catherine.

“The first step when selecting artwork is always to work out what subject matter appeals to you. Then you’re able to narrow it down to pieces that you connect with.

You must connect with the selected piece of artwork. If you do — you’ll always love it!

Julia Green — Greenhouse Interiors

“I am known for colour and I’m proud of that. But when looking for art, it’s the expression in the piece that’s most important to me,” says Julia.

Artwork is personal. It should speak to its owner.

“However, scale is also key. Ensure it spatially fits, and is hung at eye height — not too high up. If you opt to cluster your art, play around with the combinations on the floor before you take the drill to the wall.”

Kate Mayes art from Greenhouse Interiors
Kate Mayes art from Greenhouse Interiors

Michelle Hart — Bask Interiors

“When you’re trying to find the right artwork for a space, it’s important to consider a few things to get the right piece — or pieces — for your home. These are just a few things I take into consideration when it comes to how to pick artwork for your home,” says Michelle.

Use style as influence

“I always look at the style of the interior as an influential factor. For example, if the house has a beach vibe, you might like to include prints or original art that includes the ocean, boats, palm tree, surfers or coastal terrain.

Ask yourself, what kind of artwork are you attracted to? And what kind of budget have you got in mind?

“I think it’s important to have an idea of what type of art you like. Original paintings or prints. Limited edition or open. Abstract or photographic. Black and white or colour. Landscape, city, sea, floral, people, or animals. The choices are endless and the prices are so varied.”

Curved kitkat tiled kitchen bench
Personalised, one of a kind artwork by Bonnie Gray. As seen in this kitchen tour from Alison Lewis Interiors

Find the connection

“If you are purchasing or commissioning an original painting or limited edition print, be sure you choose an artist or artworks you resonate with. You can do this by visiting art galleries, going online or attending exhibitions. Finding the right piece by an artist you admire might take a while, but it will be worth the wait.”

Room feel

“Another thing I always do is ask the question, how do you want the room to feel? Is this space meant to feel vibrant and energetic? Fun and joyous? Quirky and sexy? Or maybe zen and relaxed? The emotion you want to evoke when stepping into a room can greatly influence the art you end up choosing.”

Trust your gut

“My final tip for how to pick artwork for your home, is always go with your first instinct and what you truly LOVE! This is so important! Don’t try to fill your walls with what’s on trend, but rather choose something that reflects you, your personal style, your memories, and what resonates within.”

Bask Interiors_desk and artwork
Artwork as seen in Michelle’s own home | Take the tour here | Styling by Bask Interiors

Gina Ciancio — Style Curator

“When it comes to how to pick artwork for your home and finding the right piece, it can take some time… and that’s ok! It’s best not to rush the decision,” says Gina.

“Like the chicken and the egg saying goes, there’s no right order to begin decorating a room. At times, I’ll begin with the artwork and pick out colours or themes from the piece to build the rest of the room. While other times, I’ll leave picking artwork to the final decision to bring the whole space together.

“Either way, considering art in the context of a space is important. Are all the elements quite subdued so you can go loud with your art? Or do you need to soften the space with a more minimalist piece?

Also, think beyond just canvas or what sits inside a frame. Beautiful sculptural pieces, wall hangings and antique items can be like art for your home.

“I agree with the other interior stylists and designers that having a connection to the piece is important and you should go with what you love. Except sometimes it is good to push yourself outside your comfort zone!

“If all the artworks in your home are modern abstracts, perhaps weave in some Indigenous art or black and white photography. There’s a big art world out there, and if you always find yourself selecting the same type of piece, you could be missing out on something truly special.”

With thanks to all our experts
Catherine Heraghty — The Stables
Julia Green — Greenhouse Interiors
Michelle Hart — Bask Interiors
Gina Ciancio — Style Curator

Has this article helped on how to pick artwork for your home? Perhaps it’s inspired you to add a new style to your collection? Share your art pics with us on Instagram or chat to us in the comment section below.

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