Laundry renovation reveal: Gina’s new laundry

Woohoo, I’m so excited to share my laundry renovation reveal with you!

In case you missed it, my old laundry wasn’t really a laundry at all — rather just some cabinetry along one wall of my garage. My garage is a dumping ground of things and where I make most of the DIYs so this would always spill into the ‘laundry’ section of my garage. It just wasn’t a nice place to be and it certainly didn’t create a great first impression if people entered my house through our side entrance.

I was lucky enough to receive a new LG Twin Wash washing machine which was the catalyst to finally do something about this zone in my house — an opportunity to turn one of my biggest building regrets into a space I love. It may sound funny to redesign a laundry for a washing machine but this isn’t a regular machine — it’s technically 2 washing machines in 1 (a large front loader as well as a washer drawer for smaller loads and delicates), has a steam function for gentle but deep cleans, and a stack of other features I’m yet to discover!

So I started planning and created this mood board of the look and feel I wanted to achieve.

Once I had a clear idea of what needed to be done, I organised materials and trades and got started. Here’s a peek at the progress if you’re interested in looking back.

Aaaaand here is my new look laundry!!

Full laundry from entry

Hat hooks

Watering plant

Washing machine

Meir tap

Laundry basket and ladder

The reno

The changes we made in here are:

– re-configuring the cabinetry and getting an additional cabinet made for around the washing machine so there is a full wall of in-built cabinetry rather than 2 sections with a washing machine in the middle

– laying a large 600 x 600 grey resin-look tile over the old concrete slap

– putting up a wall to divide the garage (which still fits 2 cars) from the laundry

– painting, including painting the red brick white

– replacing the old chrome builder’s tap with the matte black spout

– adding a small bench seat by the door to the dining area where we can put on shoes

– adding some accessories like brass hooks, round mirror and laundry decor.

I also purchased a large oak frame so I can hang some artwork closer to the entry door (just need to find the right piece) and this will add a little more colour to the space.

I’ve already got ideas of further improvements for down the track… I’d love a large skylight as there are no windows, and I plan on adding more cabinetry along the new wall where I can have large pull out hampers and a hanging rail… but these are very much ‘nice to haves’ and for now I’m so happy that I have a proper laundry!

Joinery portrait

New plant

Tap vignette

Supplier list

Cabinetry: MCV Constructions
Tiles: Tile Republic and tiling by Kennedy Tiling
Washing machine: LG Twin Wash
Tap: Meir matte black mixer
Concrete tray: Our DIY you can find here
Hand wash: Husk
Laundry wash: Adairs
Candle: Kandila
Pot plant: Pot from Adairs and plant from Bliss
White mat: Adairs
Green cushion: Freedom
Round mirror: Kmart (but I spray painted it black)
Brass hooks: Muuto from Top3 by Design
Ladder: Kmart
Laundry basket: H&M Home

Photography: Thorson Photography

Higher laundry shot with Arnie

Bench seat

New tap portrait


    • Thank you so much Kamila, it sure is a nice change from the ‘before’! And the washing machine was totally worth the reno – we’re in love 🙂


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