The Block 2020

Back renovating full blown houses, The Block 2020 was a series not be missed. Let Style Curator bring you every room reveal, loads of images and all the judges (and our) thoughts from each and every week!

This year, the Blockheads were presented with 5 houses from 5 different eras. The houses range from 1910 to the 1950s and are situated in the uber-posh Melbourne suburb of Brighton.

Let’s just say if we were the judges on this series, things would have been scored a little differently!

There were some serious misses in the bathroom stakes on The Block 2020. From bright blue tiles with red accents, this got a serious no from us (and the judges). There were also peach walls in another teams bathroom one week which was bold, that’s for sure!

We saw lots of curves as the teams embraced the on trend arches and curves. Think arch mirrors, curved baths and beautiful curved feature walls.

Yet again, the kitchens on The Block never disappoint. Lots of timber, Dolomite stone curved kitchen bench and a bespoke, custom made Christian Cole island bench.

There were classic rooms that will stand the test of time. And bold moves from one of the teams who decided to go all out in their 1950s style home. It certainly was a fun year to watch The Block and we enjoyed bringing you the room reveals each and every week.

Many of us just want to see the pics, hear what the judges said, and know who won that week’s room! So we do all the hard watching for you (someone’s gotta do it, we’ll take one for the team!) to do JUST that!