How to create a cozy nook in your home

Brrrrr it’s getting cold! This time of year, it’s tempting to hibernate and curl up with a good book and warm drink.

If you don’t have a favourite spot in the house, hopefully these ideas on how to create a cozy nook in your home will inspire you!

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1. Find the perfect spot

It sounds obvious but this is the most important step so take the time to walk around your home and look for a spot that you will love to spend time — perhaps it’s by a large window, somewhere quiet, or simply warm and cozy.

2. Sort out your seating

Once you find the perfect spot, it’s time to get the seating right. You may be happy with a thick rug and a bunch of scatter cushions on the floor, or for a more permanent nook you can’t go past a bench seat like the one below. If you want to create a dreamy bench seat with perfect-fit cushion, check out this article about getting custom cushions made.

Bench seat
Image via Elisabeth Heier

3. Think outside the box

Just because you need a comfortable spot to relax, it doesn’t mean you have to limit your options to a chair or the ground — just look at this heavenly hammock!

4. Create layers

With the seating sorting, it’s time to make it cozy. Do this by adding cushions in gorgeous winter textures (think knits, velvet and sheepskin) and throws… lots of throws!

Image via Homesick

5. Add a rest for your cuppa

It’s hard to relax when you don’t have somewhere to rest your coffee (or wine) so look at your space and consider what options would work best — perhaps a side table (check out the log one below — DIY anyone?), or looking at the photo above you could stop your seating shorter on the bench, or it may make sense to install a small wall shelf?

Winter nook
Image via Nord Deco

6. Get the lighting right

Whether your nook is for reading, working or snoozing, it’s essential to get the lighting right. Do you need direct lighting for reading or softer lighting that won’t glare against screens? Check out our helpful tips on how to create a lighting plan.

Image via Daily Designer

7. Finish with thoughtful accessories

Add some warmth and personality to your nook with special items that make you happy. A hanging planter, art or photos are some ideas to complete your nook.

Do you have other suggestions on how to create a cozy nook in your home? Share them in the comments below!

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  1. How gorgeous those spaces are, now I need to search where I could put one in my house. Generally I just rest in bed but I’d love to have a little sanctuary like this too.

    • Glad we could inspire you Genes! Hopefully you find a special spot in your home so you can have one of your own 🙂


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