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Wallpaper is a fabulous way to make a huge impact in a room. There are so many different styles, textures, colours and designs to choose from. There’s sure to be one no matter what look you’re going for.

Whether you’re renting, or just not sure you want to commit to a permanent feature, using removable wallpaper is a brilliant choice. There are also decals you can choose, such as a feature detail or removable bedhead! So much choice on the market these days.

Wallpaper has been gaining popularity on the interiors scene in recent years and why wouldn’t it when the latest designs coming to market are so darn stylish?!

You often hear us talk about how important texture is to create a space that feels warm, layered, and luxe. Well now you can bring in a textural element using wallpaper and to prove there’s a wallpaper design out there for just about everyone, we’ve got the A to Z of wallpaper textures!

Whether you prefer industrial concrete, quirky grass, sophisticated marble or even Scandinavian wood! Think bold prints, tangible textures and even hard finished like cladding or moulding being re-created as wallpaper. And wallpaper is often a fraction of the cost of the real thing.

We also talk to the experts in the know and asked them to share their top tips to use wallpaper in the home. It’s an easy way to add character to a dull room, to soften a harsh space with texture and to give your interior an instant facelift.

Get all the inspo you need to create a real focal point or point of difference in your home with wallpaper ideas, tips, inspo and more on Style Curator.

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