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Cushions are one of if not favourite ever styling pieces. From styling tips to local makers, we share them all with you on Style Curator.

We bring you the latest styles, trends, shapes and colours. As well as discuss how cushions add softness and layers to a space. They’re the perfect, affordable way to inject colour or pattern to a room without changing the whole room. Switch them out to change the style of a room or space. Inject colour, texture or pattern into the bedroom, lounge room or any area of the house.

We chat our favourite styles, colours, patterns and shapes and how to use them to style a space to perfection. We also get the inside word and cushion styling tips from some of Australia’s top interior stylists and designers.

Is there ever such a thing as too many cushions? The answer… it depends on who you talk to! Some of our expert stylists say no way! More is more! Others say keep it simple and don’t go too over the top. But one thing everyone agrees with is the inserts must be feather! To get that perfect ‘chop’ that stylists (and contestants on The Block!) love, make your insert feather.

If you’re looking for styling tips and deciding on what colours to choose, look at pulling inspiration from your artwork for a stylish, cohesive look.

If you’re looking for inspo for styling a masculine bedroom, there IS such a thing as masculine cushions! Whether you’re searching for boho, coastal or Hamptons. Masculine, floral, on-trend or Victorian. Scandinavian, modern, or for the kids. We have all the trends, styles and ideas to suit your home.

We share tips, tricks and ideas on using cushions no matter what style you’re after.

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