The Block is one of Australia’s longest running and most successful home reno TV shows. We love watching the room reveals and sharing all the photos on the blog. We recap the judges’ comments and chime in with our own thoughts of all the rooms too.

See the highs and lows of all The Block room reveals and catch up on any episodes you may have missed on Style Curator.

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The Block Glasshouse: Week 1 room reveal

Ahhhh The Block. It's like our therapy. Last night's room reveal reminded us why we love The Block so much! WOW-factor was at an all-time...

The Block 2015 week 8 dining room reveals

Supported by The Block Shop Did you get any fresh design inspo watching The Block dining room reveals last night or did you find the...

The Block 2015 week 9 outdoor terrace reveals

Supported by The Block Shop Outdoor terrace week is always our favourite room reveal on The Block. Despite the couples not having enough space to...

Reno Rumble week 1 full house reveal

Holy heck! This new Reno Rumble TV show is just too much! We were on the edge of our seats tonight as the Reno Rumble...

The Block Triple Threat: Week 2 bathroom room reveals

It's week 2 of The Block Triple Threat and we just saw the bathroom room reveals! Wowee, weren't there...

Reno Rumble week 2 bedrooms

Week 2 of Reno Rumble, TV's newest renovation show, is blowing us away! Like last week, the Blue team and Red team will each...

The Block Glasshouse: Week 7 room reveals

We're nearing the end of The Block Glasshouse — only two more room reveals left! This week living and dining rooms were revealed with mixed...

Grand finale! Reno Rumble week 6 full house reveal

Supported by The Block Shop What a roller coaster finish to the first Reno Rumble season (we say first because we're hoping there'll be many...

Reno Rumble week 1 bedrooms

Who has been watching Reno Rumble? The first show aired last night and we were killing ourselves laughing! The two teams are total opposites...

Kitchen inspiration from The Block 2018 reveals

The always highly anticipated Block kitchen reveals were aired last night and while they're being called 'the biggest and the best', we couldn't help...

Guest bedroom inspo from The Block 2018

Seems most of you agreed with us last week that Bianca and Carla's stunning bathroom with slatted ceiling should have won The Block bathrooms! This...

The Block 2015 week 4 bedroom and ensuite reveals

Supported by The Block Shop The final bedrooms on The Block 2015 were revealed tonight — what did you think of the rooms? There were some...

The Block Glasshouse: Week 2 room reveal

Week 2 room reveal was so good, we had to watch it twice! Getting the right mix of materials (and then also decor that works)...

The Block Glasshouse: Week 3 room reveal

What did you think of last night's room reveals? Tonight's episode where they review each other's rooms will be interesting!! We had a notebook full...

The Block 2015 apartment 1 part 1

Supported by The Block Shop Just when you thought The Block is over for another year, the couples were surprised with a final challenge —...

Reno Rumble week 5 full house reveal

Supported by The Block Shop In a nail biting semifinal, last night we said good bye to the Red team who lost the full house...

Reno Rumble week 3 bedrooms

The Reno Rumble room reveals just keep on coming and this week the teams have some pretty tricky briefs to hit — 'Relaxed Industrial'...

The Block Triple Threat: Week 9 entry and staircase

Holy moly, talk about a hellish week for all the couples! Known as the most difficult week of The Block, all couples...

Reno Rumble week 5 bedrooms

Supported by The Block Shop Just when we thought Scotty couldn't throw any more curve balls at us, they mix up the Reno Rumble game...

The Block Triple Threat: Week 3 second bedroom room reveals

The contestants revealed their second bedrooms on The Block last night and there were some mixed responses from judges. We didn't agree...

Reno Rumble week 4 bedrooms

Supported by The Block Shop What the heck?! Just when we thought we had our heads around Reno Rumble they throw not one but two...

Reno Rumble week 6 bedrooms

Supported by The Block Shop We felt tense watching tonight's Reno Rumble — Carly was stressing so much it made us stress! And Ayden and...

Catching up with Ebony after The Block

There’s no hiding the fact that we immediately fell in love with Luke and Ebony’s style and design choices during The Block...

The Block 2020: Week 7 — Living and dining reveal

Following on from what the judges called, the best kitchens The Block has ever seen, it's living and dining reveal time!

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