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DIY watercolour art

DIY watercolour art

Neale Whitaker may have said he never wants to see a Block contestant do DIY art, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a bit of fun in our own homes!! Watercolour is a trend dominating homewares and art this year and today we’ve got a ridiculously easy tutorial for […]

Lake photography

Introducing The Artwork Stylist

When two of our favourite stylists — sisters Sara and Amy from The Real Estate Stylists — decided to launch their own collection of artwork, we knew they would be onto a good thing. The Artwork Stylist is a collection of limited edition, large scale, ready-to-hang photography and graphic artwork, […]


Architectural Projections at Enlighten 2015

Culture and creativity illuminate the nation’s capital during Enlighten, Canberra’s annual lighting festival (and so much more) from Friday 27 February until Sunday 8 March. We stepped out to experience the architectural projections at Enlighten and see the city’s national attractions in a different light. Questacon, National Portrait Gallery and […]

Mia Oatley feature

Artist Spotlight: Mia Oatley

It’s our absolute joy to introduce you to today’s artist — Mia Oatley. You’ve probably seen her vibrant budgie bird paintings that are flooding Instagram and recently became available at fenton&fenton, or perhaps you spotted her art on the cover of the 100th Edition of Real Living magazine? And if […]

Kirsten Jackson

Artist spotlight: Kirsten Jackson

Melbourne artist Kirsten Jackson started painting to create her own version of a fish painting that wasn’t for sale. “I rented a property off my friend for several years and in it was this colourful painting of a fish that I loved. When I moved out I asked to buy […]

Ugg Shop mural

Meet Daisylegs

Becoming well known for their impressive, large-scale murals, Daisylegs have applied their art to restaurants, shop fronts and even a dementia clinic. There’s a lot more to Daisylegs than murals though. The talented duo — Jamie Edward and Maddison Kitching — specialise in custom wall graphics, illustration and graphic design. […]