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Gina Ciancio, voice of Style Curator interiors blog, shares her home build and styling journey. From an ex-guvvie house to their new architectural home with investment granny flat, she shares all the progress and challenges along the way!

My home was our first real interiors project and offered plenty of learning opportunities that I openly share, such as bathroom mistakes to avoid and my top building regrets.

I share reveals of every space along with details of all of the suppliers we used.

Our house is a contemporary Australian style designed by Canberra architect Rob Henry.

If you have any questions about my build or styling, please send an email to hello@stylecurator.com.au.

Kitchen planning: See Gina’s kitchen ideas

OK, this is the space I'm finding the trickiest to commit decisions but I can't put it off any longer!

Bathroom planning: Deciding on products and finishes

In just a few weeks, our house will be fully sheeted and it will be time to install our kitchen, bathroom, ensuite...

10 electrical and lighting things to consider when building

I can safely say that every day of this home build journey I am learning something new. From small things like discovering...

Construction update 11: Colour consultation and painting

You may have read my admission in our ‘How to select white paint’ tips article that I once painted a room baby...

Construction update 10: Walls, walls, walls

Yes, my friends, finally our house is starting to feel like just that — a house! All sorts of...

Learning how to waterproof

Before I start this post, I should say that under no circumstances should you waterproof your home without a licensed waterproofer there...

Why I got kicked off site: Construction site safety tips and...

Lately I've been spending a lot more time on site of our new build — Bruno is often calling me out to...

Construction update 9: Taking shape and the freakout

OK so for those of you who have been following the construction updates of our home build, you would know this is...

Construction update 8: Bricks and windows

It doesn't feel like that long ago that our block was little more than a concrete slab. Since the...

Construction update 7: Frames and trusses

Now that the holiday season is over, work on our block has started again — and I could not be more excited...

Need to decide on ensuite design and finishes

That title should actually read 'Need to decide on ensuite design and finishes... HELP!' You all went above and...

Dear Santa: 7 things I’d love in my home that only...

I'm pretty confident I made it onto the 'Nice' list this year so I'm preparing my wish list for Santa.

Construction update 6: Polishing the concrete

It has been a hot and messy few days at the block as we're polishing the concrete in the living / kitchen...

Time to start planning the kitchen

The slab to our house has just been poured and now it's already time to start planning our kitchen... and I need...

Construction update 5: Pouring the concrete slab

Driving up our street yesterday and seeing that huge concrete truck and pump was surreal... It finally hit me that 'THIS IS...

Construction update 4: The budget is already stretched!

That title should actually read 'Construction update 4: The budget is already stretched AND WE HAVEN'T STARTED BUILDING YET!!!'

Construction update 3: Site cut, footings and floor plans revealed

It's been two weeks since our house was demolished and things are starting to move along quickly. I've got...

Construction update 2: House demolition

They came in like a wrecking baaaaalll... All I could hear in my head during our house demolition was Miley Cyrus' 'Wrecking...

Construction update 1: Pre-demolition

The demolition date to knock down our ex-guvvie house is locked in — Monday 8 September 2014 — and today I want...

Moving day: Top 5 tips for moving house yourself

After months (and months!) of planning, we can FINALLY start on our home build! It's taken us about 18...

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